When is the Queens Birthday (Australia) in 2023

The Queen’s Birthday is basically the birthday of Queen Elizabeth who was born to the King George long back in the year of 1936. The queen began taking the public duties during the period of second world war and later, when her father died in the year of 1952 she became the official queen of queen regnant and the head of commonwealth countries.

In the present time Queen Elizabeth is the official queen of United Kingdom,Australia,New Zealand,South Africa and Ceylon and her birthday is celbrated across all these Nations on the prevailing date. The birthday of Queen Elizabeth is the celebrated to cheer for her and the vintage legacy of the Royal family.

Celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s Birthday

The celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s birthday is very wild and humongous which takes place across the different Nations while the United Kingdom is the prime place where her birthday is celebrated. There are several of the public march and the gun salutes conducted at the London Mid Way for this celebration in the presence of the Queen herself.

The wide gathering of the public remains scattered to witness the royal family birthday and the day becomes the public holiday in itself where no other government activities are held. The date of Queen’s birthday may vary in the different states of Australia therefore you need to check the same for your consideration.

You can get our printable Calendar’s schedule in which you can mark the day of Queen’s birthday, so that you can easily access it for your reference and being the public holiday the date becomes even more significant for the local citizens.

Date Day Holiday Year
11-Jun Mon Queens Birthday 2018
24-Sep Mon Queens Birthday 2018
01-Oct Mon Queens Birthday 2018
10-Jun Mon Queens Birthday 2019
30-Sep Mon Queens Birthday 2019
07-Oct Mon Queens Birthday 2019
08-Jun Mon Queens Birthday 2020
28-Sep Mon Queens Birthday 2020
05-Oct Mon Queens Birthday 2020
14-Jun Mon Queens Birthday 2021
27-Sep Mon Queens Birthday 2021
04-Oct Mon Queens Birthday 2021