When is the Boxing Day (Australia) in 2023

Boxing Day 2023 is an anually occuring public holiday which is going to take place in this December month of this 2023 year. It is a kind of festival and the cultural practice as well which was initially originated in the United Kingdom, but is now celebrated across many European countries around the world which are associated with the British culture.

Foundation of Boxing Day

It is basically a secular holiday festival which takes place On December 26 just like every other year in this 2023 year it is going to take place on the same day. Being the secular holiday it brings the people of different religions in the greatest harmony by associating them in a game such as the Boxing which is celebrated on a very massive scale across the country.

Here we are providing you the printable calendar of this Boxing day in which you can easily access both the date and the day of this day, so that you can make the most of it along with your friends,family or the relatives. You can bookmark our page for the easy access about the date of Boxing day in the coming year of 2023.

Date Day Holiday Year
26-Dec Wed Boxing Day 2018
26-Dec Thu Boxing Day 2019
26-Dec Sat Boxing Day 2020
26-Dec Sun Boxing Day 2021