When is the Australia Day (Australia) in 2023

Australia Day 2023 is coming across soon enough and since it is a very significant day therefore the residents of the country have already started the preparation for this day in advance. The day is also recognised as the foundation day of Australia since the day resembles the root of Australia for every Australian resident.

Root of Australia Day

The day depicts the historical event when the first British fleet landed upon the ports of port Jackson and NSW and the flag of Great Britain was flagged for the very first time over Sydney. It was the day when the name and identity of Australia came into the emergence and the day is celebrated just like the foundation day of the country.

As we know that just like every other year the Australia Day in going to take place on 26th January in the year 2023 as well just like every other day. You can get the printable schedule calendar of this day from our article which will assist you in easily following up the day with an utmost convenience.

Date Day Holiday Year
26-Jan Fri Australia Day 2018
26-Jan Tue Australia Day 2021
26-Jan Wed Australia Day 2022
26-Jan Thu Australia Day 2023
26-Jan Fri Australia Day 2024
26-Jan Sun Australia Day 2025
26-Jan Mon Australia Day 2026