When is the Halloween (Australia) in 2023

Halloween is a very famous festival of the Christianity religion which is celebrated across the majority of the countries in the world which have the Christianity as their religion. The festival is based on the cultural practice, which belongs to the Christianity and is a major festival of the religion.

Halloween 2023 is going to take place on October 20 just like every other year and the festival is dedicated to the dead ancestors of the Christian families. The day is celebrated as the remembrance day for the ones, who are deceased and on this day the Christian families remember their ancestors by the way of connecting some cultural practices.

Celebration of Halloween

Well, the Halloween has a very unique celebration which makes the festival kind of scary to witness as the people wear the scary outfits to scare the other people. The religious practice of the festival includes using the sliced pumpkin from the inside and giving it the shape of devil by putting the candles into it and then it is hanged on the doors,walls of home.

You can play some scary games on the night of Halloween,putting some tricks or the pranks on the other family members or your friends. You can also visit the haunted places and watch the scary movies on this day to enjoy this festival in a joyful manner.

So, if you are looking forward to celebrate this festival with your family and loved ones ahead in the year of 2023 then you can use our printable calendar template of the Halloween 2023. You can use it to remind yourself about the day and write the notes about the things that you want to celebrate on this day with your family.

Date Day Holiday Year
31-Oct Mon Halloween 2022
31-Oct Tue Halloween 2023
31-Oct Thu Halloween 2024
31-Oct Fri Halloween 2025