When is the Labour Day (Australia) in 2023

Labour Day as the name suggests is the day, which is dedicated to the workers of any country. It is an yearly occuring holiday which will take place in the year 2023 as well, just like the other routine year on the day of May 1st.

Celebration of Labour Day

The day is also known as the international worker day and is the major part of the economy of all the major countries in the world. On this day the achievement and the dedication of the workers is appreciated and several cultural practices are held in the honour of labour.

Labour day has the special way of celebration across the manufacturing entities where the massive labour force is occupied which is regulated by the several labour Unions. The rights and conveniences of the labour force is considered on this day in order to grant the labour force with their rights and the remuneration.

You can here get the printable calendar of year 2023 with the schedule of Labour Day in it which will guide you to catch up the day at its occurance in an easy manner. You can print the schedule as well for your easy reference and the access

Date Day Holiday Year
05-Mar Mon Labour Day 2018
12-Mar Mon Labour Day 2018
07-May Mon Labour Day 2018
01-Oct Mon Labour Day 2018
04-Mar Mon Labour Day 2019
11-Mar Mon Labour Day 2019
06-May Mon Labour Day 2019
07-Oct Mon Labour Day 2019
02-Mar Mon Labour Day 2020
09-Mar Mon Labour Day 2020
04-May Mon Labour Day 2020
05-Oct Mon Labour Day 2020
01-Mar Mon Labour Day 2021
08-Mar Mon Labour Day 2021
03-May Mon Labour Day 2021
04-Oct Mon Labour Day 2021