When is the New Year Day (Australia) in 2023

New Year's Day is the day which is the most Universal day of the globe as it takes place across the world on the same date. The day takes place on the same date irrespective of the year be it the 2023 or any other year of the calendar around the world.

Celebration of New Year Day

New Year's day is basically the first day of the year which is January 1st of each year and being the New Year's day it brings the whole brand new year ahead. The day is celbrated with an utmost joyful manner by the whole world as it kick starts the brand new year and everyone wants to start their year in the most cheerful manner.

The New Year celebration is not any kind of festival rather it's more of the cultural practice of any country and the people rejoice it in the similar manner by throwing the parties,recreational events etc across the Nation.

As, we know that the new year of 2023 is just coming across so if you want to make the most of this New Year's day then we urge you to have the printable schedule of this day with you so that you remain informed about the occurance of the day.

You can add up your personalised schedule in this calendar for the event of New Year 2023 in accordance to your own requirements

Date Day Holiday Year
01-Jan Tue New Year Day 2019
01-Jan Wed New Year Day 2020
01-Jan Fri New Year Day 2021
01-Jan Sat New Year Day 2022
01-Jan Sun New Year Day 2023
01-Jan Mon New Year Day 2024
01-Jan Wed New Year Day 2025
01-Jan Thu New Year Day 2026