SA *School Holidays* 2023 [South Australia]❤️

Southern Australia School holidays 2023 are relevant for all those students who are studying in the schools of SA in Australia. As we know that each state of Australia has its own schedule of the public and the federal holidays for the schools, therefore you need to have the specific holidays schedule of the respective state of the country.

We are in this article going to provide our readers with the printable Southern Australia 2023 term dates and the holidays schedule in the form of school calendar.

This calendar can be used by the students to check out the schedule of holidays and the other term dates for the whole academic year of the SA schools.

2023 SA School Holidays and Term Dates

If you want to follow the schooling routine in the most diligent manner then you must be having a proper calendar of the school, which can provide you with the schedule of both the term dates and the holidays as well for that particular school.

In the similar manner the school calendar of Southern Australia provides the school holiday and the term dates schedule, which helps the students by providing them the term date schedule of the school, so that they can know about the dates when their school is going to remain open.

You can get this SA school calendar from here in the various formats such as PDF,Word,Excel etc to suit your requirement or you can bookmark our page as well for the easy and direct access of this calendar.

 Disclaimer :-

The complete list of SA holidays of 2023, is provided here. These SA holidays can be changed /modified as per officially announced by for more clarification please verify it from this Official government website. Thank you.

School Holidays Starts Finishes Year
First Day of School 27 Jan 2021(Wed) 2021
Autumn Holidays 10 Apr 2021(Sat) 26 Apr 2020(Sun) 2021
Winter Holidays 3 Jul 2021(Sat) 18 Jul 2021(Sun) 2021
Spring Holidays 25 Sep 2021(Sat) 10 Oct 2021(Sun) 2021
Summer Holidays 11 Dec 2021(Sat) 30 Jan 2022(Sun) 2021
Autumn Holidays 15 Apr 29 Apr 2023
Winter Holidays 8 Jul 22 Jul 2023
Spring Holidays 30 Sep 11 Oct 2023
Summer Holidays 19 Dec 27 Jan 2023

South Australia School Holidays Calendar 2023